5 Awesome Facts You Might Have Missed About Tokyo Ghoul

by Mike Korrin
March 15, 2018

Many Anime / Manga lovers have probably seen Tokyo Ghoul. So here is a list of 5 things you may not have known while watching / reading Tokyo Ghoul, I hope you like it! ☺

1. Tokyo Ghoul Book References

In the Tokyo Ghoul Anime / Manga series, Ishida Sui (the creator of Tokyo Ghoul) often refers to classical books.

This manga panel refers to the Metamorphosis of Kafka, a story in which a man is transformed into a large monstrous creature that resembles an insect.

Also, in chapter 124 of the manga, see Kaneki who reads "The Screwtape Letters" by C.W. Lewis


2. Friday the 13th?

Yamori's nickname, Jason is a reference to the one and only Jason Voorhees of the movie Friday the 13th. Sometimes, Yamori wears a hockey mask, a trademark of Jason Voorhee. And if you think about it, Yamori comes from the 13th arrondissement, which could be an additional reference to the "Friday 13" movies.


3. Kaneki's White Hair

The sudden whitening of Kaneki's hair was not caused by Yamori whitenning Kaneki's hair as many people believe. The real reason Kaneki's hair has turned white is due to a disease known as Marie Antoinette's syndrome.

Maria Antonietta's syndrome is a condition that causes one's entire hair to turn white over a short period of time. The event that called the syndrome was the observation that the hair of Queen Marie Antoinette of France became white after her capture after the unfortunate flight to Varennes during the French Revolution. Witnesses claimed that Antoinette's hair had suddenly bleached three times.

4. The Wards of Tokyo

The setting in the anime with 23 wards is the same as Tokyo's wards, see below a map comparison. 

You can also see some of the city's landscape being brought into the manga. Believe it or not this place is real and you can visit it in Tokyo.

5. Number 12

Also within the series Kaneki has been repeatedly associated with the number 12.

What Ishida Sui is trying to refer to is the tarot card "hanged" (the twelfth tarot card), the reasons for choosing this card are that the "Hanged" card symbolizes inner conflict and indecision.

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned some new and intersting things about Tokyo Ghoul.

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