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Fairy Tail Merchandise

Join the infamous mage guild today! In the Fairy Tail store you will find more than enough to start you up and to aid you during your entire journey through the Earth-Land. Regardless of whether your journey takes place, there are tons of great Fairy Tail merchandise available for you! The Fairy Tail hoodies and shirts are sure to keep you either warm or cool – but most importantly, magical – and if you want to keep some more mystery, look no further than the Fairy Tail necklaces, pendants or wallets.

For a full-blown magical event, there is nothing cooler than a well-made Fairy Tail cosplay setup. And when you get back home, let the Fairy Tail action figures, plushies and mousepads keep you in the magical world for a long, long time. Remember to follow your heart, and never give up!

Fairy Tail Action Figures Natsu Dragneel

Action Figures

$54.88 From $49.83

Fairy Tail Action Figures Erza Scarlet

Action Figures

$44.00 From $36.80

Fairy Tail Bracelet

Anime Bracelets


Fairy Tail - Happy Bronze Pendant

Anime Necklaces


Fairy Tail Action Figure Lucy Heartfilia

Action Figures

From $40.00

Fairy Tail Bracelet - Gray Cross, Happy Charms

Anime Bracelets

$18.46 $14.22

Fairy Tail Metal Keychain

Anime Keychains

$20.00 $15.00