Bleach Review - Is It Worth Watching?

by Mike Korrin
March 23, 2018

One anime classic that can be compared with the recent Fairy Tail and the ongoing One Piece series, Bleach is aa anime that is worth 366 episodes of engagement. The manga ended in 2016 with a total of 74 volumes that unfortunately were not completely adapted to the anime, being the episode 366 the end of volume 54, leaving much more stories than those that had been given in the anime.

The bleach has different arcs on the timeline, although some may be skipped, we recommend watching them all while bringing to light characters you're not used to. learn more in the main story.

So, what exactly is bleach?

Well, start with an introduction to the life of a fifteen year old student named Ichigo Kurosaki who, throughout his life, had the ability to communicate with the wandering spirits, filling his life with great excitement.

Interestingly, her father and two younger sisters are fully aware of her abilities, one of the sisters can even see them while the other can hear or feel faintly, but she has not seen for them. The first episode is very introductory and is good to present the series as a comedy and a story with a sad background because the death of the mother of Ichigo is very appropriate to have a sort of secret hidden from his ability.


 Kuchiki Rukia is a mysterious girl wearing a black kimono and wielding a long sword that turns out to be her zanpakuto - a sword with special abilities depending on the  wielder, Soul Reapers. Suddenly, the world of Ichigo is thrown into the danger because the spirits are not just wandering beings without being seen by humans. Ichigo and Rukia form a tight bond during perilous times and then begin a long journey as the world of the soul Reapers and the human with special abilities come together to protect the humans and spirits of the evil beings known as Hollows.

The anime is a show that is committed to watching, and I admit that you end up watching the episodes that seem to come out, but overall, the series will make you fall in love with heroes, villains and even zanpakutos as they grow next to their owners. The show revolves around Ichigo, but you will discover that the life of all the other characters is just as important and explored. If you find that you have finished the series and want to continue the manga from where the anime leaves it, start the volume of 54 manga to continue the journey of Ichigo with his friends.

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