Top 3 Death Note Moments

by Mike Korrin
January 17, 2018

A masterpiece...

Combining the supernatural with the procedural world of the police, this anime was basically only two brilliant minds whose opposing ideals clashed in the final game of wits. The winner would become the new incarnation of justice, while the loser would encounter an early grave. In addition, there is a god of death who likes to eat apples while observing everything. Honestly, is it surprising that people still love this series?

The dynamics between cat and mouse between Light and L were fascinating to watch from beginning to end. Seeing the serial killer known as Kira who tried to thwart the world's greatest detective was not without shocking moments, but who really deserved to be called divine?

Light’s End

Although everyone was not taken with the successors of L, there is no denying that the last impasse between Light and Near had everything we could expect from a conclusion. As the god of the New World believes the victory can be proclaimed, he is shocked to find that he stumbled upon the last obstacle. Outsmarted and exposed his entire plan collapses before his eyes.

While trying to escape from the scene, he discovers Ryuk decides when the game is finally finished writing his name in his Death Note in one of the best examples of poetic justice we have seen in an anime. .

Just as expected

Light's decision to erase her memories in order to avoid suspicion was an incredibly dangerous gesture on her part, since she practically ended looking. However, you pay, because you retreat after successfully from the research center of L, can find his old and will resume his role as Kira, where he continues to plot the fall of L.

The death of L

Both enemies as the chemistry we would like more to see their mental war to continue for the duration of the shared series, but unfortunately all good things must end. Using all his pawns at once, the light eventually managed to stop his nemesis in a truly excruciating scene. Pretending pain while inwardly joy at his victory, he believes that nothing can stop him from reaching his perfect world. At least until Near and Mello enter picture...

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