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Pokemon Merchandise

Gotta catch them all! That’s a phrase you’ve heard a million times already – but now, with our Pokemon store, catching and training your Pokemon is about to get even more enjoyable! Our Pokemon merchandise comprises not only of shirts and other accessories – you can also get the hottest Pokemon action figures and Pokemon plushies, on top of many other Pokemon toys available.

Be the most original Pokemon trainer with our accessories, among which you can find Pokemon bracelets, keychains and necklaces and – of course – the irreplaceable Pokeballs. For your field training, there are also Pokemon shirts and hoodies, and for your home endeavors make sure to check out the Pokemon slippers and house shoes, as well as cool LED table lamps, which will make all other Pokemon trainers turn green with envy.


Pokemon Poke Ball Mug

$18.84 $14.60

Pokemon Ball T-Shirt For Kids

Anime T Shirts

$24.28 $20.04

Pokemon Pikachu Poke Ball Backpack

Anime Bags

$36.46 $31.89
Sold Out Sale

Pokemon Pikachu Plush Cushion Pillow

Anime Plushies

$33.28 $28.71
Sold Out Sale

Pokemon Collectible Mini Toys / Puzzles

Action Figures

$18.59 $14.35
Sold Out Sale

Pokemon Slippers / House Shoes

$23.29 From $19.05
Sold Out Sale

Pokemon Go Hoodie

Anime Hoodies

$49.13 $44.08
Sold Out Sale

Pokemon Charm Bracelet Pokemon Go

Anime Bracelets

$17.99 $13.75

Pokemon Plushies - Eevee Plush Toy

Anime Plushies

$30.58 $26.01

Pokemon Go Women T Shirt

Anime T Shirts

$21.92 $17.68

Pokemon Shirts - Women's Top Squirtle Jigglypuff Pikachu

$16.96 From $11.47

Pokemon Necklace - Arcanine in Pokeball

Anime Necklaces

$15.48 $11.72