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Gintama Merchandise

The path of a Samurai is long and hard. Albeit as much fun, comical as it is heroic – and here in our Gintama store you can make it even more worthwhile. If you are looking to show off your fandom – and taste in decoration – in your house, here in the Gintama merchandise you can find the hottest action figures, such as the legendary Ginoki Sakata, Kotarou Katsura, or even Takasugi Shinsuke. If that isn’t enough for you, have no fear! Our Gintama T-shirts and keychain pendants are just some of the cool stuff you can get here.

And what fun would the path of an anime samurai be without proper cosplay? Be sure to check the Gintama cosplay goodies and re-enact the greatest, most epic or the funniest scenes yourself!!

Gintama Hoodies Okita Sougo

Anime Hoodies

$67.50 $49.99

Gintama Action Figure - Sakata Gintoki

Action Figures

$62.00 From $47.00

Gintama Silver Soul - Kagura Cosplay Costume

Anime Cosplay

$135.75 $95.50

Gintama Elizabeth Anime Plush Toy

Anime Plushies


Gintama Kagura Cosplay - Headwear

Anime Cosplay

$40.00 $37.50

Gintama Cosplay - Shimura Tae (Kimono + Belt)

Anime Costumes

$51.69 $46.64

Gintama T Shirt Elizabeth - Black

Anime T Shirts

$37.50 $30.00

Gintama Sakata Gintoki Hoodie Blue & White

Anime Hoodies

$65.50 $47.99

Gintama Keychains - Elizabeth

Anime Keychains


Gintama Casual T Shirt

Anime T Shirts

$25.30 $21.00

Gintama Silver Soul Elizabeth T-Shirt

Anime T Shirts

$32.44 $27.87

Kagura Action Figure

Action Figures

$46.98 $41.93

Gintama T Shirt - Unisex Casual Anime T-Shirts

Anime T Shirts

$35.40 $27.50

Gintama Sadaharu Chomp Hat

Anime Hats


Mr Raindrop Gintama T Shirt

Anime T Shirts

$43.00 $30.00

Gintama Action Figures Takasugi Shinsuke

Action Figures