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Sword Art Online Merchandise

Welcome to a mysterious place, where cyberpunk meets fantasy. If you are here, then by now you already know there is no turning back – but then, why would you? The Sword Art Online store will help you become the best of the best, where you can transfer the fantastic virtual reality into your own!

Among our SAO merchandise you can find everything you might need to keep the game going on, and to keep winning over and over again. You can carry the fantasy with you every day with our keychains and phone cases – and don’t forget that Asuna Heart of Yui necklace to provide you with the edge you need!

Also make sure to check out both our home decorations and the cosplay merchandise – from posters to action figures, and from wigs to full costumes, the hottest Sword Art Online merchandise is sure to keep you going inside and outside of the virtual reality for a long time.

Sword Art Online Asuna Cosplay Costume

Anime Cosplay

$420.48 $408.48

Sword Art Online Bracelet Yui's Heart Blue Crystal

Anime Bracelets

$18.46 $14.22

Sword Art Online Poster Kirito Sword Stance

Anime Posters

$20.28 From $16.04