Top 40 Good Anime to Watch - Ranked By Their Total Duration

by Mike Korrin
September 01, 2018

Choosing the best anime to watch

With so many choices when it comes to anime, it is often quite difficult to chose the next series to watch. We've been struggling to decide on the next anime series for so many times that we had to take action and build a guide for every otaku.

What are some good anime to watch?

What should we consider as the most important factor? Naturally the length of the show is crucial. If you want a quick fix a shorter series like One Punch Man or Cowboy Bebop can do wonders. If you're looking for a more immersive experience try a longer series like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist or Hunter x Hunter ....and so we've built a visual representation of the most loved anime series ranked in order of their total air time.

Our main source was MyAnimeList. We identified first the top 40 most well known anime and got their episode count and duration. We then compiled the data and ranked them by their length.

We truly hope that this infographic will help you make up your mind on the best animes to watch next. Whatever your choice it will be easier to decide now. 

top 40 good anime to watch

Did we miss your favorite show or have a different view on things? Give us a shout and we will see how we can improve this! 

It was a fun & interesting experience, the creation of this infographic, so much so that should we find good anime topics that we can visually represent through an infographic we will do so. Thanks for the read & remember to spread the love for anime!

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